It's now time for the first scourge dota wallpaper . This is the sand king, a very powerful nuker. Once i saw a replay, 5 against 1, and that 1 guy played sand king. Needless to say that he won, very inciting game. Below you will find the dota wallpaper for sand king

I will begin posting dota wallpapers with one of my favorite ranged heroes, Traxex - the drow ranger. I hope you like this. Please remember that if i find another traxex wallpaper i will make another post. Enjoy !

Surely the dota fans will laugh now :) Please let me talk a little about this game. Most of you are already familiar with it, it's actually a map, played under warcraft3, with custom heroes and items.
The reason I'm writing this post is to get everyone familiar with the concept of the game, the game-play and the heroes. Maybe you just like the dota wallpapers and you want more, or you already are an avid fan of dota and you just want more cool dota wallpapers to quench your thirst for these artsy freebies that can make life more pleasant.
As you know, there are communities where you can find pictures or drawings made by fans. If you like a custom hero dota wallpaper, or just artwork with battle scenes, i hope you will find here everything to satisfy your needs. So, enjoy !

Do you want a dota wallpaper ? Here you can find a pretty decent collection of dota wallpapers, updated daily or weekly. I will try to categorize them accordingly to your needs, so you can find and download your preferred free dota wallpaper.